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Deferred Exam Requests

Dear Students of ADMS courses,

Please note that a new system has been implemented to facilitate the processing of Deferred Standing Agreement Forms. In order to request a deferral of your final exam the following steps are required:

1) Download the DSA form from the Registrar’s Office web site, complete it with all of your data and attach the documentation to support your request, keep these paper forms and documents with you;

2) Access the School of Administrative Studies DSA system by clicking on the link above and login using your Passport York ID and password and complete the online form;

3) Once you have completed the online form, a ticket number will be issued, please copy that number in the top right corner of the paper version of the DSA form that you have already completed in step 1;

4) Email the DSA form to the main office of the School of Administrative Studies,

5) Check the status of your request in the School of Administrative Studies DSA system, once approved make sure to take proper note of the location, date and time of the exam;

6) 48 hours before the scheduled exam check the School of Administrative Studies DSA system to confirm the location, time and date of your deferred exam. We also encourage you to check the DSA system again on the day of your exam for any last minute changes.

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