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Richard Leblanc School of Administrative Studies Professor Richard Leblanc discusses steps to building an effective board on the webshow Inside America's Boardrooms. [read more...]
The Physics of Stocks and Flows of Energy Systems School of Administrative Studies Professor Hassan Qudrat-Ullah published a new book titled The Physics of Stocks and Flows of Energy Systems. [read more...]
julia richardson The Independent Expatriate: Academics Abroad
Professor Richardson’s book offers an in-depth exploration of the professional and personal experiences of British expatriate academics working in New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey. Her research is one of the first to focus on a group of faculty who have decided to pursue their careers abroad on their own independent initiative. [read more... ]
yildirim Professor Carbonell and Professor Yildirim were presented with the Atkinson Dean's Award for Outstanding Research for 2009 during the Engaging Research & Teaching Celebration held on April 14th.
  • Professor Carbonell and Professor Yildirim receive Atkinson Dean's 2009 Award for Outstanding Research
  • Symposium explores performance measures in health care
  • Professor Richardson's book examines the life of expatriate academics
  • Professor Deutsch Salamon finds performance improves when employees believe they are trusted
  • Professor Karakowsky finds charisma can be liability for leaders
  • Professor Schwartz received the Atkinson Dean's 2006 Junior Faculty Award for Outstanding Research
  • Professor Kwon received the Atkinson Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research