Undergraduate Certificate is a term applied to a program of study attesting to a level of competence or skill in a particular area or field. It is distinct from a defined undergraduate degree program, stream, specialization of informal concentration. A certificate recognizes a specific grouping of courses that: are cross-disciplinary but with a thematic coherence; form a coherent yet distinctive complement to the major of a degree program or; lead to the acquisition of specific skills or professional expertise that may meet requirements of outside accrediting bodies.

We offer a range of professional certificate programs:


Entry to a certificate program:

  • Students seeking entry to a certificate only program, must submit an application for admission to the University.
  • Students registered in an undergraduate degree program who wish to complete a certificate concurrently with their degree must apply for entry to a certificate program. Applications must be submitted to the academic unit offering the certificate program.

Note: Students must fulfill program requirements in effect at the time of entry to a certificate.

Graduating with a certificate:

  • Students must apply to graduate from a certificate program. Application forms may also be found at My Student Records for current students.