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Canadian COVID-19 Social Impacts Survey - Rapid Summary of Results #1: Risk Perceptions, Trust, Impacts, and Responses

Dr. Eric B. Kennedy





DEM Technical Report Series

Dr. Aaida Mamuji and Dr. Jack Rozdilsky | Disability Inclusive Disaster Management: Flood Response and Social Vulnerability in Bracebridge, Ontario. (PDF)

Dr. Jack Rozdilsky and Dr. Aaida Mamuji | Kamloops as Host City: 2017 Wildfires in British Columbia: Response-generated demands in the city of Kamloops (PDF)

MDEM Students | Major Research Papers

Kathleen Brough | Community Based Mental Health Programming: Building Bonds and Bridges | 2020 (PDF)

Barlu Dumbuya | Vehicle Weaponization: A Social Media Analysis of the 2018 Toronto Vehicle Ramming Attack | 2020 (PDF)

Dila Jeyapalan | Perspectives on the opioid epidemic in Southern Ontario: Can the opioid epidemic be managed by practices within Emergency Management? | 2019 (PDF)

Younus Imam | Developing localized strategies to improve resiliency and security of mosques in the Greater Toronto Area | 2018 (PDF)

Maryam Shafiei Sabet | Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Emergency Calls Responded by the City of Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service during the 2013 Ice Storm | 2018 (PDF)

Hurania Melgar | The Gender Landscape of Canada’s Non-Profit Disaster Response Sector | 2017 (PDF)

Marcin Lewandowski | Risk Assessment of the Timber Supply Chain in Southern Ontario using Agent-Based Simulation | 2016 (PDF)

Lauren Hebert | The Concerns of Ontario Elementary School Teachers on School-Based Emergencies and Emergency Preparedness | 2016 (PDF)

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