SAS Student Achievement

It's been a week since the Osgoode Cup, the largest Mooting Competition in Canada. A week since my team defied the odds and placed in the Top 8 of 116 teams. A team which was formed only a week prior, after much struggle and uncertainty. However, as has been the theme throughout the entire year, we overcame the odds. Our entire chapter had 3 teams place in the Top 16, something I never imagined to be possible! Although this was my last year with the team, I could not be happier with where I'm leaving it. It's in a position to be the strongest undergraduate mooting team in Canada. I'm truly honored to have worked with this great team:

  • Jen Lorestani
  • Jasleen Kaur
  • Albina Mamonkina
  • Steven Mounouchos
  • Khurram Shamim
  • Ajay Rakhra
  • Jasmine Sangha
  • Awale Deria

Anish Kamboj
Aspiring Legal Professional | Co-President of The Moot Law Society at York
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