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Disaster & Emergency Management Area

Part-Time Teaching Opportunities

The Disaster & Emergency Management BDEM Program at York University has a teaching opportunity available for the 2019-2020 Winter term (January-April 2020).  The hired course director will hold a graduate degree and relevant professional field experience.  Previous teaching experience is an asset.

Details on the available course is as follows:

I) Disaster Risk Management | DEMS 3701

  • Winter 2020 Schedule: Mondays from 4-7pm.

Short Course Description: Practical analysis of the risk management process and the specific tools and methods used to address the risks facing organizations, institutions, and communities.

To apply, please submit your CV and include a description of your concept for the course. Please include details on the required readings, topics of focus, and potential evaluation criteria.  The required reading can be in the form of a textbook or individual peer-reviewed articles. For your reference, previous course outlines for DEMS 3701 can be accessed here (Summer 2019), and here (Winter 2019).  The course will run for 12 weeks, with one three-hour class per week.

If you have questions regarding the course, please feel free to contact Professor Nirupama Agrawal (, who has just completed teaching the course this summer.

Applications should be received by the DEM Area Coordinator, Prof. Aaida A. Mamuji via email at no later than August 31, 2019.