BDEM Honours Minor

The BDEM Honours Minor in Disaster and Emergency Management may be pursued jointly with any Honours Major degree program offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Health or Faculty of Science and Engineering that offers a major/minor option. Students must complete 33 credits in the minor and at least 6 credits must be at the 4000 level.

Note: Students are required to have completed 12U Advanced Functions or equivalent prior to entry to the program.

Minor: 33 credits including:

AP/ADMS 1000 3.00 Introduction to Administrative Studies
AP/ADMS 2700 3.00 Fundamentals of Emergency Management
AP/ADMS 3701 3.00 Disaster Risk Management
AP/ADMS 3702 3.00 Comprehensive Emergency Management I
AP/ADMS 3703 3.00 Business Continuity Planning
AP/ADMS 3704 3.00 Emergency Management Communications
AP/ADMS 3707 3.00 Ethics: Society, the Environment and Disasters
LE/ESSE 1410 6.00 Natural, Technological and Human Induced Disasters

6 additional credits from the following:
AP/ADMS 4421 3.00 Qualitative Methods
AP/ADMS 4704 3.00 Disasters and Logistics
AP/ADMS 4705 3.00 Comprehensive Emergency Management II: The Canadian Context
AP/ADMS 4709 3.00 Terrorism: The New Threat
LE/ESSE 4440 3.00 Environmental Disasters