Marketing Area

The name of our Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS) degree is changing to the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). It is a change in name only, and in no way impacts any of the rigorous requirements of the existing program, nor its excellence, and will only increase respect for the designation.
For more information, please see our FAQs: Change of Degree Name from BAS to BCom

Welcome to the Marketing Area of the School of Administrative Studies at York University. We are a group of seven full time faculty, with degrees from five different countries and research interests just as broad and varied.

Along with more than a dozen contract faculty members, we teach some fifty sections a year of twenty different Marketing courses. We hope you will find courses that interest you, either in a degree program or in our Certificate in Marketing, either as a general management student or as a student specializing in Marketing.

The School of Administrative Studies offers the following programs in Marketing:

BAS Specialized Honours - Administrative Studies

The marketing stream of this degree exposes students to theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide range of marketing areas, along with broad management knowledge.

Certificate in Marketing

Certificate in Marketing is designed for individuals who wish to develop or enhance their marketing skills in today's challenging and competitive environment.